Camp Grounded
Artist in Residence
June 2014

In summer of 2014 I was invited to Camp Grounded as an artist in residence. My job was to entertain and inspire people who came to embrace their inner child. I also helped prep and breakdown the camp. It was such a treat to be able to work with an amazing team of artists and engineers.


Camp Grounded was first held in 2013 as a Summer Camp for adults. Once you’re in camp, your digital device is confiscated along with your watch, and you give yourself a nickname and strict rules for no real name exchanges, no work talk, and no age talk are enforced. You get to enjoy being a care-free child and relax for the weekend.

The camp is organized by Digital Detox, the hardest working people I met and the help from more than a hundred volunteers and a group of amazingly talented camp counselors. We danced, sang, drew, laughed, meditated and had a great time together.

Besides being a weirdo with a pen and a sketch pad wondering around the campsite asking campers if they wanted some portraits, I ran a successful candle making workshop (at camp we called it “FOMO-free Playshop”) during the day. Everyone from the workshop got to go home with at least one beeswax candle, and I learned how to chop blocks of beeswax up with a machete.

What I learned from the camp is that we all need to set ourselves free every once in a while. And learn how to do it by trying new things and being in an uncomfortable environment to find oneself again. Camp Grounded is the perfect place for it.